The Timely Voice of Intuition

This tiny tale has been shared previously but I think it deserves to be aired once again.

This all occurred more than twenty years ago. My youngest daughter was about 5 years old at the time. She had a tiny red mark high appear high on her cheekbone under her left eye. It was no bigger than a mosquito bite, however she told me that it was sore not itchy. I was not given to taking my children to the doctor for every little thing and this was indeed a very small spot. My intuition, however, had all my alarm bells ringing. My logical brain told me there was nothing to worry about, probably just a small bite, I chose to listen to my gut.

Almost despite myself I called the local surgery and made an appointment for my daughter. Usually at such short notice it would be a young doctor that we would be seeing but in this case I was relieved to hear that we would be consulting a senior partner. He was a gruff man, not known for a pleasant bedside manner and hence not someone I would usually want an appointment with.

When we entered his office I pointed out the small dot on my daughter’s face. I fully expected to be told to go home and refrain from bothering him with something so trivial ever again. However, he was quiet as he carefully examined the lump. Then he told me, with some degree of surprise and puzzlement in his voice, that he had been reading about this the night before. He went on to explain to me that my daughter had the beginnings of a bacterial infection of her peri orbital area, a condition known as cat scratch disease. She had indeed been known to get the odd scratch from our cat as her affections were not always appreciated. The doctor told me that the infection could move through the eye area if left untreated and invade the brain, with outcomes that are unpleasant. My daughter was immediately placed on antibiotics.

Who would have thought that a very small red lump could herald such a disaster? If we had seen any other doctor I am of the opinion that we would have been sent home with no treatment and the outcome could well have been horrendous.

Now this could be dismissed as just a coincidence if you believe in such things as coincidences. For me it serves to illustrate how extraordinarily precise the universe can be in assisting us when we listen. Whenever I recall this experience it fills me with amazement that the doctor read up on this very condition just the night before seeing us. It also amazes me that I took my daughter to the doctor for something so apparently unimportant. It is a testament to the care which can be bestowed upon us in answer to our need before we even know we have need. Care that is bestowed when we listen to our gut and decide not to turn away from it even if it seems silly.

It remains for me an excellent lesson in listening to my intuition, not only for physical conditions. Over the years I learnt to listen to it for emotional and spiritual guidance also. Intuition is a prime tool of care for our wellbeing at every level. Developing our intuition is achieved by placing value on it, accepting that it exists and having the trust required to act on it. Like a muscle it responds by improving and strengthening with use. The older I get the more deeply I appreciate what a wonderful, caring, conscious thing life is.

Copyright: Kim Parker 2021