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Waking Wisdom Book Two: We are One

Waking Wisdom Book Two: We are One

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The bold statement of this book is that the anomalous experiences of individuals can provide a bountiful harvest of wisdom and guidance. This establishes exciting possibilities with regard to expanding the human spirit and consciousness in the awareness and perception of reality.

This book asks that we re-examine our beliefs regarding the value of extraordinary experiences, not only to the individual or any one cultural group, but to our species in general.

The validity of reliable human testimony forms integral aspects of our legal system and our religious teachings. Yet science has mocked and ridiculed the anomalous and the experiencer of the anomalous consistently. The main scientific argument seems to be that measurements and observations that are repeatable are necessary to establish the reality of something. Given the other-worldly threads that run through the tapestry of every culture it seems arrogant, and almost petulant and somewhat naive, to insist that the strange experiences of countless peoples aren’t real.

The worldview of a modern shamanic practitioner is the lynchpin of this book. The tested and true credentials of visions, dreams and spiritual contacts are offered up to the reader, along with questions regarding the reincarnation possibilities of shamans throughout time. Illustrated within these pages is the perspective that reality responds to beliefs, and depending on those beliefs, expands in terms of experience and eventually in spirit and consciousness. The interesting thought arises as to what we as a species might become if we ceased to create beliefs so readily. Like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland it is better indeed to believe six impossible things before breakfast than to decide they don’t exist as yet because the means to measure and replicate such things aren’t available.

What takes place over time for some long-term experiencers of the non-ordinary is a deep devotion to wisdom. Added to that devotion is the understanding that a loving consciousness is fundamental to life. To put it in a poetic sense, the cosmos starts to sing love songs to you, or perhaps it is just that you start to hear the songs that the cosmos sings eternally. The strange experiences become a means to hearing those oddly incandescent melodies that pierce the illusions that we have placed around who and what we are. We see our light, our own perfection and our oneness. Sharing these experiences paves the way for people to open doors within themselves, doors to the extraordinary understanding of their own divinity. This book is a sometimes funny, and definitely wild, ride for the seeker of life’s wisdom and joy.


Growing up in close proximity to Sherbrooke Forrest in Victoria, Australia on a beautiful property with acres of gardens was a glorious start to life, introducing the pure beauty of nature and nurturing the imagination. Since then Kim has lived in both India and China and enjoys travel and the learning it offers.

Kim Parker is a shamanic practitioner, author and dream worker. She channels mystical poetry and uplifting spiritual messages gained from a lifetime of extraordinary experiences. Sharing transformational tales to lovingly illustrate the rich and sacred wisdom to be harvested by investigating the strange and wonderful, is an integral aspect of her work.

The waking wisdom book series argue strongly for a science of life that incorporates, rather than scorns, the non-ordinary.

Kim is also the founder and facilitator of an online group called GOSH, an acronym for gatherings over strange happenings. This provides a safe space for people to discuss their experiences and interests in the realm of the anomalous.

Kim lives with her family and pets near a lake in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. She enjoys walking and photography and bakes a mean cheese cake.