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Waking Wisdom Book Three: Little Pearls and Little Gems

Waking Wisdom Book Three: Little Pearls and Little Gems

This book is the result of asking to receive wisdom, being willing to receive wisdom and expecting to receive wisdom. Requested were blessings, prayers and spiritual statements. What followed was an avalanche of gifts from a loving and conscious cosmos, a sacred treasure trove of primordial wisdom. These gifts form an incantation, a magical, mystical, transformational pilgrimage, leading away from our chaotic world of separation, into the heart of oneness, perfection and love.


Growing up in close proximity to Sherbrooke Forrest in Victoria, Australia on a beautiful property with acres of gardens was a glorious start to life, introducing the pure beauty of nature and nurturing the imagination. Since then Kim has lived in both India and China and enjoys travel and the learning it offers.

Kim Parker is a shamanic practitioner, author and dream worker. She channels mystical poetry and uplifting spiritual messages gained from a lifetime of extraordinary experiences. Sharing transformational tales to lovingly illustrate the rich and sacred wisdom to be harvested by investigating the strange and wonderful, is an integral aspect of her work.

The waking wisdom book series argue strongly for a science of life that incorporates, rather than scorns, the non-ordinary.

Kim is also the founder and facilitator of an online group called GOSH, an acronym for gatherings over strange happenings. This provides a safe space for people to discuss their experiences and interests in the realm of the anomalous.

Kim lives with her family and pets near a lake in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. She enjoys walking and photography and bakes a mean cheese cake.