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Waking Wisdom Book One: What the Cat Saw

Waking Wisdom Book One: What the Cat Saw

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There are many tales of Kim’s personal life experiences collected here. They are for perusal by those who refuse to be restricted to a life that is reduced to a reflection of the material world only. Woven throughout is an understanding of a loving bedrock of consciousness that is fundamental to all life.

This first book in a trilogy is in large part the presentation of the author’s credentials. With over 60 years of a broad range of personal non-ordinary experiences and additionally much reading and research, Kim is in an excellent position to present concepts of consciousness.

The life accounts in What The Cat Saw serve to illustrate that there is a much broader and deeper range to reality than we generally accept. Furthermore, this added spectrum of perceptions gift a depth of spiritual cohesion and growth possibilities in our everyday experience of life.

A pathway is opened here to the ongoing spiritual instruction that has been the outcome of all these wonderful experiences. Both this book, and the next, pave the way to the third book which is the result of Kim asking her inter-dimensional teachers for a piece of wisdom for every day of the year.

Most importantly this first book supports the author’s conviction that we need to discuss the non-ordinary. By choosing to scorn it and ridicule those that have strange experiences we confine our working knowledge of the nature of reality in ways that are detrimental to our advancement as a species. So much wisdom is available to be harvested in such events.

This book is for hearts that thirst for the miraculous, for a spiritual life that isn’t just dogma, for a science of being that incorporates rather than scorns the extraordinary.

Praise for Waking Wisdom Book One:

“The buzz word in paranormal research at present is consciousness. The author succinctly illustrates her own very interesting views on this matter, often through her own experiences. There is much food for thought within this book along with, I am pleased to say, humour.”

Tricia Robertson, past President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Lecturer, Researcher, Broadcaster and Author; Things You Can do When You’re Dead. More Things You Can do When You’re Dead. It’s Life and Death, but Not as You Know It.

This very special memoir is a feast of short reminiscences about the various non-ordinary events – synchronicities, encounters with human and animal spirits, precognitive dreams, shamanic engagements – experienced by Kim in her life’s journey.  We read with a growing sense of wonder and thrill of recognition as we too begin to sense the possibilities of border-crossing between our embodied selves and infinite consciousness as it manifests in the everyday.  The goal of this beautifully written book is to help us (after Silver Birch) to widen our tiny, socially conditioned windows of perception to glimpse the vast vibrational universe of which we are a part.  To learn to gain, as she has, “a vastly broadened appreciation of what it means to be loved beyond all measure, cherished, conscious and eternally connected to the web of being.”  Kim weaves together theories and cultural traditions drawn from a life lived as a shaman, medium, dream interpreter, and teacher.   Her ontological relationship to these events is never at issue – Kim’s is a truly authentic, heartful voice.  This small miracle of a book models the translation of the everyday self into a fuller and higher version of being for readers at all stages of their spiritual journeys.

Tamar Gordon, Anthropologist
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute